INTO students progressing to BSc Biological Sciences visit the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

Progression Activities and College Engagement

The International Liaison Office (ILO) coordinate and manage a series of progression events and workshops that have been designed to meet the needs of INTO students progressing to the University of Exeter. Events take place on a regular basis, allowing students to feel confident about their next steps, and to become embedded in the College to which they will progress.

1. Progression Welcome Meeting

This workshop will take place at the start of Semester 1, and will introduce you to the International Liaison Office (ILO) and provide an overview of the activities and events you will take part in during your time with INTO Exeter, and information about the support, advice and guidance that is offered by the ILO. You will also meet our team of International Student Ambassadors, who will be on-hand to talk about their Exeter experience, and share their thoughts on their time with INTO Exeter and their successful progression to undergraduate study.

2. Progression Fair

This exhibition takes place in the INTO Centre, and gives you the opportunity to meet staff from the College you plan to progress to and start making clearly informed choices about which undergraduate programme you wish to study. Each University academic discipline is represented, along with complementary study opportunities such as Study Abroad (including international study), Flexible Combined Honours and industrial experience. In addition, staff from the University’s Penryn Campus will be in Centre to talk about programmes available at our campus in Cornwall, along with teams from the University’s Accommodation Office and Employability and Careers Service.

3. What is UCAS?

This session will introduce you to the way the UCAS application system is used to support successful progression and placement. You will receive clear step-by-step guidance on what you will need to do to during your time with INTO Exeter, along with clarification on key terminology, important deadlines, preparation of your Personal Statement and making your five UCAS choices.

4. Getting to know your College and Discipline

You will spend an afternoon visiting the College that you hope to progress to, learning more about the programmes available, meeting academic staff in an informal environment, talking to current students, taking part in activities linked to your INTO study, and gaining an understanding of the academic support and learning opportunities that all Exeter students experience. During Semester 2, you will attend an Offer-Holder Visit Day, the University of Exeter’s flagship event for all undergraduate offer holders.

5. UCAS Application Session

This session will take place in one of the University’s Exploration Labs, and will last 2 hours. You will complete the online UCAS application form and add one UCAS Choice - the programme you wish to progress to at the University of Exeter. You will also be reminded about the key UCAS processes you were introduced to at your What is UCAS? Workshop, and associated actions and deadlines.

6. Applying Elsewhere – UCAS Insurance Choice Workshop

INTO Exeter’s Placement Officer will talk to you about the importance of applying to other (‘insurance choice’) universities – those that will provide you with a lower conditional offer than that offered by Exeter – and provide you with some key information about which institutions may accept your INTO qualification. You will be able to add additional choices to your UCAS application at the Adding UCAS Choices ‘Clinic’.

7. Progression Next Step Workshop

At these workshops we will talk about the next important steps you will need to take with your UCAS application, and the importance of securing an ‘Insurance Choice’ University.

8. College Engagement: Offer-Holder Visit Days

One of the most important aspects of your progression journey is the opportunity to visit the College and discipline that you hope to progress to at the University of Exeter. This is important because it gives you the opportunity to learn more about the programme you have applied for, tour the teaching and research facilities, hear from the academic staff who will be teaching you next year, and to chat with them in an informal environment and meet current students – perhaps the most important part of the afternoon – to learn what it’s really like as an undergraduate student at the University of Exeter.

9. Final Progression Workshop

This workshop will talk you through the last steps of your progression journey - when and how your final results will be released, what you need to do when you receive them, what to do if you do not get the results you need, how to find a place at University if you don’t progress to your Firm or Insurance choice and how to begin preparing for Undergraduate study, registration and Fresher’s Week.

10. Visa Workshop

 Visa Workshops are presented by the University of Exeter's International Student Support Office and are an invaluable opportunity for INTO students to complete their Visa application forms with the support of University Officers – a team who are experts on UKBA requirements, policies and procedures.