International news - 2009

University experts on the Middle East join forces on anniversary of Iranian revolution

Academics at the University are marking the 30th anniversary of the revolution in Iran by creating a Centre that formally brings together the extensive range of expertise in Persian and Iranian studies currently based at the University.

Nigerian teachers investigate rural schools

A select group of African teachers from Nigeria are visiting the South West, to find out more about the way school children are encouraged to interact in the classroom and in after school clubs.

Exeter engineer showers international team with water expertise

A professor from the University of Exeter is preparing to travel to Israel to share his expertise on water engineering.

Kurdish students celebrate New Year

New Year celebrations are taking place all over the Middle East, the former Soviet Union and here in Exeter.

Inaugural Kurdish conference

The University of Exeter’s Centre for Kurdish Studies is the only British research centre that focuses solely on Kurdish society, culture and politics by placing the Kurds at the core of its research.

Exeter celebrates Gulf friendships

A senior delegation from the University, led by Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve Smith, President-Elect of Universities UK, travelled on a strategically important visit to the Gulf region at the beginning of April.

Rural scholar receives Canadian appointment

An Exeter social scientist has been appointed by a leading advisory board to support their work in overcoming the impacts caused by prion disease in Canada.

Turkey past, present and future

The growing importance of Turkey as a major political and cultural player in the world is reflected academically through the founding of a new research centre at the University of Exeter.

Exeter at the forefront of new diplomatic initiatives on Iran

The shift in diplomatic thinking by the Obama administration regarding the re-entry of Iran into the international community has thrust the work of Exeter researchers into the centre of world policy debates.

Exeter advises Iraq on future of higher education

The University of Exeter is advising the Iraqi Government on how to rebuild higher education.

Turkish official informs students of foreign policy

Students from the Turkish Society invited a senior government official to give a talk on Turkey’s current foreign policy perspectives on its neighbouring countries, reflecting the new profile that Turkey has assumed since 2002. 

Forging links with China

The University of Exeter is developing new research and teaching links with a number of leading Chinese universities.

University strengthens links with China through sports science

The University of Exeter has further strengthened its links with China by forming a partnership with one of the country’s top sports science universities.

EU voter apathy and the media

Millions of voters across 27 counties are eligible to cast their votes for the sole institution in the European Union that is directly elected by the people.

An increasingly complex relationship

Western democracies have an increasingly complex relationship with China in which pressure for human rights reform is rapidly being overcome by the realities of economic interdependence, according to new research by Professor of International Relations Tim Dunne.

University appoints Director of International Exeter

The University of Exeter has appointed Dr Shaun Curtis to take forward its international strategy.

From Arabia to Exeter: a family’s story

The delicate language of international diplomacy is well known to Arabic Interpreter Mr Leslie McLoughlin who has lived a life more akin to scenes in James Bond films.

High accolade bestowed on Middle Eastern expert

The Annual Arab-British Culture and Society awards have honoured University of Exeter’s Middle East expert, Professor Tim Niblock with an award rarely given to academics. 

European accolades for Exeter

The European elections saw an increase in votes to Euro-sceptic candidates and a decrease in voter turn out.  The University of Exeter’s Centre for European Governance investigates issues surrounding European politics.  

Hip hip hooray for graduation day

Twelve key figures will receive Honorary Degrees at the University of Exeter this July.

Women's rugby champions of Europe

University of Exeter women's rugby team were crowned champions of Europe after they beat French team Lille in the final of the European Students Rugby Sevens Championships held at Bristol University in June.

Higher Education in Iraq receives support from UK Universities

Ground breaking research on UK higher education engagement with Iraq has been launched by the British Universities Iraq Consortium, led by the University of Exeter, a founder member; the Higher Education International Unit; and the Department for Businesses, Innovation and Skills.

Mediterranean minds meet at Exeter

The University of Exeter is hosting an international conference exploring the Mediterranean region during medieval times.

Exeter and Santander Universities join forces

The University of Exeter and Abbey, part of the Santander Group, have joined forces to provide scholarship support and awards to students.

Exeter maintains ‘top five’ position for student satisfaction

Students at the University of Exeter are among the most satisfied in the UK, according to this year’s National Student Survey.

Exeter scientists help tackle threat to farmers

Scientists from the University of Exeter are working on a €3.54million European Union project to tackle the most common disease among European livestock.

Chinese Summer School for Law and Politics students

Law and Politics departments at leading universities in China and in the UK  are forging stronger connections through a Summer School designed to enhance research links and add value to students’ educational and post-graduate experience.

Exeter sustains high position in Education

The University of Exeter has been ranked in the top three universities for the quality of its teacher training. 

Parlez-Vous Obscenity?

With nearly fifteen million Britons visiting France as tourists every year and less than a third of us speaking a second language a new online database might help you to better understand any insults thrown your way by that rude French waiter.

Exeter at the forefront of World War Two analysis

This month marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War.

Exeter’s education research boosted by China partnership

Research in the field of education at the University of Exeter has been given an international boost with a new collaboration with a Chinese university.

University strengthens links with local Chinese community

The Devon and Cornwall Chinese Association (DCCA) is celebrating its first badminton tournament, run for the Chinese community across the UK.

Exeter scientists track green turtle’s 900km migration

University of Exeter scientists are part of the first team to monitor a sea turtle’s journey from the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Is a place only our memory of it?

Investigating the way people are affected by landscapes, monuments and objects forms part of a contemporary art exhibition that explores the bond between memory and place.

Europe’s businesses to benefit from South West universities

Businesses across Europe are set to benefit from a new €2million cross-channel collaboration involving the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth.

Contextualising Islam in Britain

A report which explores the philosophical and theological perspectives on what it means to be a Muslim in Britain today has been published.

Exeter strengthens partnership with Central Asia

A new postgraduate scholarship programme between the University of Central Asia (UCA) and the University of Exeter is providing the opportunity for students to study in the UK. 

1,000 staff and students celebrate One World Week

Some 1,000 staff and students have celebrated One World Week at the University of Exeter.

Exeter academic launches influential report in Finland

Professor Gordon Murray, a world leading expert on entrepreneurship and innovation policy, recently presented the results of a major evaluation of the Finnish National Innovation System to government ministers and national media.

Exeter signs MOU with Taiwan’s top university

Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of the University of Exeter and President of Universities UK Professor Steve Smith and President of National Taiwan University (NTU) Professor Si-Chen Lee have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Taipei.

Asia’s alumni celebrate Exeter’s success

More than 200 University of Exeter alumni from South East Asia have celebrated the University’s recent successes at a series of events.

Exeter academic gives expert advice to The Iraq Inquiry

24 November 2009

The Government's Iraq Inquiry conducted to identify lessons that can be learned from the Iraq conflict officially opens on Tuesday 24 November.

University basketball looks to earn its stripes

The University of Exeter has recently teamed up with National League Basketball outfit Taunton Tigers in a partnership that could yield huge benefits for both sides.

Exeter scientist helps shape future of astronomy

A University of Exeter astrophysicist is helping to organise a grass-roots event dedicated to the future of astronomy, when Facebook and Twitter could play a key role in shaping our understanding of the universe.

Europe’s first Centre for Palestine Studies

The first Centre for Palestine Studies (CPS) in Europe has been established at the University of Exeter. 

Literary prize for work on Muslim women

A book that deals with the relationship between gender, Islam and modernity has received literary acclaim through a prestigious Italian award.

China’s elite universities come to Exeter

A delegation of 25 Vice Presidents and leaders from some of the top universities in China visited the University of Exeter for two days as part of a government overseas training programme.

PhD student co-authors book on Nigerian Democracy

Tunde Oseni, a doctoral student in Politics at the University of Exeter, has just co-authored a widely applauded book on Nigerian democracy.