We try to make life as simple as possible for booking the programme by ensuring we include as much as possible into one set programme fee.

For a breakdown of exactly what is included and what is not included, please see our Programme Fees page.

We provide a Meet and Greet service for each student who joins us from two specific areas on 13th July 2019; one from the University of Exeter for students who are already in the UK or wish to travel straight to Exeter and one at Heathrow airport between 9am and 4pm.

We will ask you to confirm which area you will be joining us in and then provide you with the details of where to meet, once you have confirmed your place on the programme. If you are unable to manage either of these places or during this window, don't worry, just let us know on iss@exeter.ac.uk We can also provide guidance on the best way to reach either area once in the UK.

If you are joining us at the airport, we will ensure someone is there from our team to meet you at the arrival area of your terminal after you have collected your luggage once your flight has landed. You will then join other students who are already in the airport and you will all travel to Exeter together via an accompanied private transfer. We would reccommend joining us at the airport as this gives you a chance to get to know to people right from the beginning of the programme.

If you are joining us at Exeter, we will ask you to provide us an approximate time and we will give you directions including SAT NAV postcode to the place where you will be met by our staff. We would ask that anyone arriving at Exeter does so between 12pm and 6pm on 13th July.

As part of the programme fee on the Pre-University Summer School, half board accommodation is provided on campus and lunch is not provided.

Once you arrive in Exeter, you will be shown to your accommodation and allowed to settle in and get some food depending on what time of day you arrive.

Each student is accommodated in a single, en-suite bedroom on campus with a lockable door and secure entrance to each area of accommodation. Bedding and towels are provided in each bedroom and the rooms are cleaned weekly. For more information on the accommodation please look at our Birks Grange Village page for more information.

Half board catering (breakfast and dinner) is provided as part of the programme fee and we ask that any allergies or dietary needs are provided to us before the start of the programme via our Welfare Form. Most of the meals are provided on campus but we do go off campus as well to ensure the students are able to eat at a variety of venues.

Lunch is not provided as part of the programme but there are several cafes and shops on campus and around the university to purchase lunch during the day. We would recommend a budget of up to £5 for lunch each day for a lunch package on and off campus.

We provide a social programme that encourages students to try something new, provides something familiar and also ensures communication and engagement between the students. This is a mixture of active undertakings such as surfing lessons and also quieter activities with ‘social’ being very much the key word. The entire social programme is supported by the Group Leaders and supervised by the International Summer School to ensure you have a wonderful summer experience. We will also try to show you as many different activities and places to visit in Exeter and the surrounding area as exploring a new place is just as important as getting to know new people and learning new things.

All transport required for the Social Programme and any other transport in the programme itself is also provided.

Activites include

  • a surfing lesson on a beautiful local beach
  • Quiz Night
  • International Food Festival
  • Theatre Visit
  • Climbing Activities and sports events

Please note that activities are subject to availability and weather dependent in some instances. Exact details of the timetable for the social programme is provided closer to the start date.

The entire academic programme is included in the programme fee, along with basic stationery materials and any transport required for the academic pathway.

Also included within the programme is a dated Certificate of Attendance and an Academic Reference detailing your success on the programme and character whilst attending the programme. This will also include a section on your conduct outside of the classroom and your engagement with the rest of your group.

Each group of up to 15 students is provided with a Group Leader who is a current University Of Exeter student who has been fully trained and is supported by the International Summer School team. The reasons for doing this are threefold:

  1. You will be supported by someone you are more able to relate to in age and interests who is then able to become more a peer mentor and ensure you make the most of your stay with us.
  2. The current University of Exeter students are people who have been in your shoes at some point in deciding what to study and where. They are a great source of information and are excited to share their experiences with you.
  3. The people who are able to showcase the university and the city of Exeter best and give you the best experiences are the people who are experiencing it themselves right now. This means that you will be shown a side of university life that only other students can give you.

The Group Leaders are supported by our staff at all times to ensure your safety and wellbeing so if you are concerned about anything, you can talk to either your Group Leader or member of the International Summer School Team.

A return transfer is included within the programme fees and students are fully supervised at the airport until the moment when they pass through security to the gates. We would recommend a flight from 3pm in the afternoon onwards and our transfer window runs until19:00 when any flights up to 21:00 will have to be through the Security Area and in Departure Gates. Any flights departing after 21:00 will be subject to an additional fee.

Any students being met from Exeter will be supervised until the arranged time of pick up at the University and any adults meeting the students will need to be confirmed in advance.