Application 2014/15

If you want to take part in an Erasmus exchange you will need to register your interest with the departmental Erasmus co-ordinator at your home university, they will talk through the application process with you.


Please note that on the Application Form we ask you to indicate a proposed programme of study and this is subject to change. The modules you initially choose may not be available due to timetable clashes, staff availability, etc and you will be offered other modules subject to availability. Your programme of study will be finalised upon arrival.  Your university will provide you with a Learning Agreement and if they require us to sign it before your arrival we will be happy to do so but on the understanding that it is very likely you will have to make changes to your choices. 


The Application Form for incoming Erasmus students is now available to download. We no longer provide paper copies to our partners. Please note that if you do not return a complete set of application documents the application process will be delayed. Forms without the relevant signatures will not be processed.

  • Download the Inbound application
  • Please return this form completed and signed to with the following supporting documentation:  Official Academic Transcript from your home university
    Personal Statement
    English Language Competence statement from your Department Co-ordinator confirming that you have the required level of English to study at the University of Exeter

Deadline for applications for the full academic year/first semester is 31 May 2014.  The deadline for semester two applications is 31 October 2014.

  • We will not process applications unless we receive all forms.
  • We are unable to reply to email enquiries and telephone calls regarding receipt of forms.
  • Once we have processed your application we will send you an email confirming your acceptance.