Module Selection

Erasmus students:

Erasmus students must choose their modules from the department/College in which we have the agreement with their university.  Some Erasmus Co-ordinators will allow Erasmus students to take a limited number of credits in another department/College.  It is at their discretion. 

International Exchange and Study Abroad students:

International Exchange and Study Abroad students can choose modules from across our Colleges (excluding Medicine) and at any level, but you must meet any pre-requisites stated in the module description.  At least half of your academic programme must be based within one subject area.  Choosing modules from different departments means there will be a stronger possibility of timetable clashes, this can make finalising your study programme more difficult on arrival.

Please find below links to College module information.  We are unable to guarantee the courses you initially choose will be available and your study programme will be finalised on arrival at Exeter.


Modules containing fieldwork are not always available to incoming Study Abroad and Erasmus students.  You must check the module descriptions to determine if this applies to a module you intend to study. For the majority of programmes field trips are not compulsory and other arrangements can be made to fulfil the aims of the trip.  However, in some cases there may be other fieldtrip options that you will be liable to pay for. For further information please contact