How to Apply

Entry requirements

Applications are welcomed from high-calibre candidates with the required entrance grades. The University of Exeter requires Study Abroad Fee Paying students* to have completed a minimum of one year of a university degree, and have a GPA of 3.0 or above.  You will often be required to have academic background knowledge of the modules you wish to take within your main subject area.

Supporting Documents Required

  1. Official Academic Transcript from your home university.
  2. Academic Reference/Letter of Recommendation.
  3. Personal Statement.
  4. Copy of the ID information page of your passport.
  5. Evidence of English language level e.g. TOEFL/IELTS Certificates (where applicable). If English is not your first language we will require proof of your English language proficiency, our minimum requirements can be found on the Undergraduate Study entry requirements page.  Please note that some departments require a higher level of English. Students planning to take modules from across different departments will normally need to satisfy the higher of any linguistic minima required; for example students taking one English module and two Archaeology modules will need the higher grade of IELTS 7.0 or equivalent.

How to apply

  1. Make sure you are aware of the application deadlines and familiarise yourself with the academic calendar.  Applications for the Fall semester/Full Year must reach us before the 30th April. Applications for the Spring semester must reach us before the 31st October.  Any applications received after these dates may be considered at the University’s discretion.
  2. You will need a visa to study in the UK and must consider which one best meets your needs.  The visa type will depend on your nationality, the length of your study and what you wish to do while you are here. View our Immigration Advice pages for more information.
  3. Consider your provisional module choices. At least half of your academic programme must be based within one subject area.  If you choose modules from different departments there is a strong possibility of timetable clashes.  Please note these modules are not guaranteed and will be finalised on your arrival to Exeter.
  4. Gather together the additional supporting documentation required to be submitted with your application form (see above).
  5. Apply online!
  6. Once a decision has been made the Inbound Study Abroad Team will post official acceptance letters (if accepted) to your International Office. This will include your student ID number and information on how to apply for University accommodation.
  7. Do you have any questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions webpage for answers to our commonly asked questions.
*Independent fee-paying students from within the EU must apply through undergraduate/postgraduate admissions.