Mustapha John, MSc International Management 2009/10

"After completing a BA in Banking with Economics and Law, I worked in insurance for a couple of years, but always knew I'd go on to further study.  I wanted to specialise, and felt that doing a postgraduate degree would put me one step ahead of the competition.  The programme I've chosen is giving me lots of practical knowledge - which I'll need if I go on to work in international business or management most likely with a multinational company.

I was fortunate enough to be given a scholarship to come to Exeter, without which I wouldn't be here, but it's certainly a place I'd choose to be.  There's a great sense of history here and I feel privileged to be part of an institution that's been around since 1855.  Over time the Business School has built a great reputation and seen many talented students pass through its doors.  The School has worked hard to achieve such high academic standards and exceptional levels of student satisfaction - and I'm lucky to be part of that.

I'd say I have everything I need here to make this experience a positive one.  The facilities are fantastic.  The library has everything you could possibly want, the ICT area is very spacious - you can always get to a computer - and the classrooms are very comfortable.  Also, the tutors are really helpful and I've found there's always someone to deal with any queries I have.  I would strongly recommend anyone to choose this Business School."