Zheng Pisi, MSc Sport and Health Sciences

"Just as I was hesitating about which University's offer to accept, the University of Exeter awarded me a Full Fee Masters Scholarship, which reinforced my determination to come to Exeter.

Having now started my MSc at the University of Exeter I am convinced that my original choice was a wise decision.  Exeter has an incredibly beautiful campus, convenient and comfortable accommodation, state of the art study facilities, professional and friendly staff and a reputation for excellence in research.  Exeter is exactly the right place for me to do my Masters and I really enjoy my study and life here."

He Min, PhD Biological Sciences

"Subjects at the University of Exeter, especially within the School of Biosciences, are extremely research-intense.  The interdisciplinary links between different subjects are also high-lighted at the University of Exeter, and this is very helpful when communicating and learning from researchers in different areas.  This is very important for developing my academic career.

The outstanding research work in the School of Biosciences is very attractive to me.  The beautiful and convenient campus environment makes me feel very comfortable and I enjoy campus life.  The teaching of my supervisor and mentor has helped me a lot in developing my research abilities.  Also, many PhD students in our lab come from different countries.  They are very nice and easy-going and we get along very well."

Tang Yuehan (Lisa), BA Accounting and Finance, Year 1

Lisa is an active member of Age Concern which forms part of the University's Community Action Network.  Exeter's Community Action (CA) boasts the highest number of student-led volunteering projects in the country.  More than 500 students are taking part in student-led projects and 100-plus community partnerships.  Students devote 100,000 volunteering hours per year (the equivalent of 70 full-time voluntary sector workers) to activities that directly benefit the local community.

"I joined Age Concern last year, and I have been matched with a nice old lady.  We manage to meet almost every week to share things we did in the week, talk about both of our families and other interesting things.  She is 78 years old, a bit younger than my grandparents but I'd like to regard her as my friend and I enjoy her company."