United Arab Emirates

The University of Exeter has approximately 19,000 full time students, 25% of whom are international. A thriving multi-national community of staff and students from over 130 countries ensures you will receive a warm welcome whichever programme you study.

The University has a long history of friendship and collaborative scholarship with the Middle East. 

There are currently 45 students from the United Arab Emirates itself who are on programmes at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including LLB Law, MA Gender and Identity in the Middle East, MSc Finance and Investment, MSc Marketing, EdD TESOL and PhD Education and PhD Aran and Islamic Studies.

The University has enjoyed a long and distinguished reputation in the United Arab Emirates. We are proud to count His Highness Shaikh Sultan Al Qassimi of Sharjah as one of our many alumni, and we enjoy a close working relationship with the Universities of Sharjah as a result.

The University is also extremely grateful to His Highness who welcomes Exeter alumni each year to Sharjah, and graciously hosts the annual Exeter Gulf Alumni Dinner at the Dr Sheikh Sultan al Qassimi Centre for Gulf Studies.

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