The University of Exeter has Erasmus agreements with over 120 universities in 20 countries across Europe in a diverse range of subjects.  Modules are taught by academics who are passionate about their subject and whose research interests have an international reputation.

If you are interested in studying under the Erasmus programme for either a semester of a full academic year you will want to consider Exeter’s programme, which not only offers a high quality education, but a safe, supportive and friendly environment with excellent student-run entertainment, student societies and sports clubs.

We are happy to provide further information or advice about Exeter and would like to encourage you to explore this website to see if Exeter is the right place for you.  We look forward to welcoming you to Exeter.

Morgane Colleau studied an Erasmus Placement at the University of Exeter in 2007/08 and is currently studying an MPhil in Middle East Politics

Your home University:

Institut d'Etudes Politiques ("Science Po"), Aix-en-Provence (France)

What influenced you in choosing Exeter:

I first came to the University of Exeter as an Erasmus student in 2007/08.  I wanted to study in the United Kingdom to improve my academic English.  Exeter stood out really quickly amongst other universities.  I am deeply interested in the study of the Middle East.  Both the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies and the Politics Department offered a great variety of high-quality teaching and research environment.  The lecturers are well-known scholars who are leaders in their field of specialisation.  Furthermore, the University of Exeter library system holds over 100,000 volumes on Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies as well as a very large number of electronic resources.  Exeter students are truly provided with all the necessary resources and support they need to fulfill their degree.

I was also attracted by the fact the University is located in a very privileged geographical area, near Dartmoor and Cornwall.  Exeter has also been ranked among the best universities for the high-quality of its campus.

What subject(s) are you studying:

Middle East Politics.  I finished my Masters in Middle East Politics in September 2010 and am currently doing my MPhil.  I am hoping to upgrade to my PhD in October or November 2011.

If you had to list the three best things for you about being a student at Exeter, what would they be, and why:

Exeter is a great research environment.  The lecturers are high-quality academics; the resources are immense; the main library is open 24 hours a day; the departments organise numerous conferences and talks.

The reputation of the University of Exeter is growing and I am hoping my PhD will benefit from it.

It is a nice and beautiful campus university.  Although the campus has been a building site for the last year or so, I am still enjoying it.  Everything is a short walk away.  It is a lovely place to blossom in, both academically and personally.

What challenges did you need to overcome:

It took me over a year to be able to truly conceptualise in English.  Although my command of the English language was good, it remained very difficult for me to think in English and write well-argued essays.  I am still missing my (French!) food.

What have you gained from your experience:

I have been living in the UK for three years now and have learnt a lot about the country's culture and history.  Although challenging at times, I am deeply enjoying this life experience and feel I have grown up a lot.

Would you recommend Exeter to a friend?

Yes, I would.... and I have!