Live in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK while studying at a world class university

The University of Exeter has close to 200 Erasmus agreements with universities in over 20 countries across Europe. Modules are taught by internationally acclaimed academics who are passionate about their subject.

We offer a high quality education in a safe, supportive and friendly environment at our campuses in Devon and Cornwall. However, this is only a part of your Exeter Experience: with over 200 student societies, over 50 sports clubs and multiple employability events the University of Exeter offers you an opportunity to continue developing your skills outside of classroom.

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Lena Wiest, Business School, 2016/7

Home University: ESB Business School, Reutlingen

I decided to do my semester abroad in Exeter because of the good reputation of the business school, the lovely nature in South West England and the diverse and interesting student life on campus.

During my studies at the Exeter Business School, I especially enjoyed the facilities and equipment at the university as well as the great range of courses to choose from. Also, in case you need any help, tutors, lecturers and even university staff are always very nice and helpful.

The campus is very diverse and fun as there are many activities and societies offered and it really is a place to study but also hang out with your friends as there are many cafés, a pub, a supermarket and even a cinema. I joined two societies, the BodySoc and Volunteering (Elderly Connect) which was a lot of fun and I can only recommend to incoming students.

At Exeter I was able to choose my courses freely which I really enjoyed,  I was able to develop professionally in the subjects I was most interested in.

I would definitely recommend it since I had an amazing time in Exeter - great campus, tons of activities, helpful staff and interesting courses.