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Live in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK while studying at a world class university

We offer students the opportunity to choose modules from our entire undergraduate programme (except Medicine) from over 30 departments including Archaeology, Business, Biosciences, English Literature, Politics and Sport and Health Sciences.  Modules are taught by internationally acclaimed academics who are passionate about their subject.

Our high quality education is offered in a safe, supportive and friendly environment at our campuses in Devon and Cornwall. However, this is only a part of your Exeter Experience: with over 200 student societies, over 50 sports clubs and multiple employability events the University of Exeter offers you an opportunity to continue developing your skills outside of classroom.

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David Pereira, Business and History, 2016/7

Home university: University of South Florida, US

The vibe at the University of Exeter is amazing...coming from a huge school where school-spirit is a massive thing, I wasn't expecting Exeter to be big in extracurricular activities and socializing, but I was wrong!

My typical day at Exeter was fairly busy - even though I only had classes on Mondays and Fridays the rest of my week consisted of schoolwork and essay writing at the library and the Sanctuary which were great places for studying. I took 2 History classes and 2 Business classes - the professors were amazing; they were very knowledgeable and were always there to help the students.

When I first came here, I got into a bit of a culture shock, everything seemed so much different than the United States, I didn't know if I was going to meet people, it felt like I was starting university all over again. But then when I started to make friends and meet new people, everything started to settle in and it basically feels like I’m home now.

The biggest thing that surprised me about my experience here is how many international students are here. Also what surprised me was how cheap grocery shopping is here in the UK, and how fresh the food is here. Also from what I noticed, schools in England are very focused on essay writing which was kind of a shocker for me because I barely wrote essays back in my home university.

The biggest advice I would give to people who are studying at the University of Exeter, is to make friends and join societies around campus. To me I feel like after I made friends here, everything kind of started to settle on its own.