January Orientation

The main January orientation event will be held on Monday 14th January 2019 for all new Study Abroad, International Exchange and Erasmus students who will be studying with us in Semester Two/Term 2 onwards.

At the Streatham Campus, Exeter, we will also be holding a small-scale, informal pre-orientation event on Friday 11th January to allow students who have travelled a long distance a little extra time to settle into the city before classes start. Students who undertake the orientation sessions on Friday (such as a campus tour, International Stuent Clearance) do not need to repeat the same activity on Monday.

Booking is required - see below.

January Orientation Welcome Talk

The main January orientation event on both campuses will be held on Monday 14th January and throughout the week. It is very important that you attend Monday's programme, as you will be given information about the University, the support available, and you will meet your college Study Abroad Coordinator to finalise your modules.

Information can be viewed on the International Student Support webpage.

Students studying at the Streatham and St Luke's Campuses (Exeter)

Arriving into a new university on Sunday to orientate into the university and sometimes even begin your classes the very next day can be difficult (especially if you are suffering from jet-lag!)

Following the success of our pre-orientation event last year, we will be holding this small-scale pre-orientation event again on Friday 11th January 2019 to allow students some extra time to settle into the city over the weekend period.

Timings and further information coming soon - if you wish to attend the activities on Friday 11th you should plan to arrive into Exeter on Thursday 10th.

Please note: students attending this event will be responsible for sourcing your own short-term accommodation in the private sector until your university accommodation contract (if applicable) begins. 

Information is also provided on the University Accomodation webpages.






Welcome – Amory Parker Moot



Document Clearance


(Forum Seminar Rooms 1 & 2)



ID card collection


Document Clearance

(SID Desk)

(Forum Seminar Rooms 1 & 2)


Q & A – Amory Parker Moot



Welcome and Orientation

The Welcome programme for the Penryn Campus can be viewed on the When You Arrrive webpage and is coordinated by Sarah Batchelor, International Student Support. Sarah is your first point of call for information relating to your arrival, the orientation programme and events, immigration queries and the Global Chums mentoring Scheme.

All students will attend a compulsory Welcome Talk on Monday 14 at 10am (Peter Lanyon Seminar Room 10) with the Student Services Team. The Student Services Teams are based at The Penryn Information Point (PIP) in the Peter Lanyon Building. They are your first point of call for enquiries relating to your academic studies.

All students will be allocated a provisional 'home' College prior to arrival based on where you have requested the majority of your credits. If you need to make amendments to your study timetable you will do so via the Programme Administrators below.

Humanities (HUMS) English & History Bea Underwood info.penryn@exeter.ac.uk
Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences (EMPS) Camborne School of Mines Debbie Wright
Life & Environmental Sciences (LES) Biosciences Kayleigh Sandercock & Dr Sarah Hodge
  Geography Esme Tressider & Dr Sarah Hodge
Social Sciences & International Studies Politics Esme Tressider
Business School Business Esme Tressider
International Student Support   Sarah Batchelor

Study Abroad Coordinator Meetings

All students will be allocated a provisional 'home' College/Department prior to arrival. For Study Abroad and International Exchange students, this is based on where you have requested the majority of your credits. This is the College/Department you must visit first in order to finalise your modules.  For Erasmus students this is the subject area on our Erasmus bilateral agreement with your university.

College/SchoolDisciplineCoordinatorWelcome Talk

Module Allocation

Business School Accounting, Economics, Finance, Organisation and Management Studies Gemma York Business School-based students only: Monday 14th, 3.30-4.30, Streatham Court B.

Non Business-based students drop-in: Monday 14th, 2.30-3.30, XFI Board Room.

Humanities (HUMS) Archaeology, Art History, Classics, Drama*, English, Film, History, Modern Languages, Theology and Religion Steve Bassett Lindsay Tuck Monday 14th, 2.30-4, Newman Green Lecture Theatre (Peter Chalk Building)

Humanities-based students: Tuesday 15th, 9.30-12.30 & 2-4.30, Room 300, Laver Building.

Non-Humanities-based students: Wednesday 16th, 9.30-12.30 & 2-4.30.


Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences (EMPS)    Engineering Dr Khurram Wadee Monday 14th, 12.30-13.30, Harrison 102





Mathematics Professor Pierre Friedlingstein  P.Friedlingstein@exeter.ac.uk
Computer Science Dr. Leon Danon  L.Danon@exeter.ac.uk
Physics Dr Charles Williams   C.D.H.Williams@exeter.ac.uk
Flexible Combined Honours (FCH) All
Tim Seelig
Monday 14th, 10.30-11.30, Peter Chalk Room 2.5 


INTO Centre Insessional English Language Modules Emma Sweeney Dr John Straker Wednesday 16th, 4-5.30, Queen's Building MR2&3


Life & Environmental Sciences (LES) Biosciences

Meg Harris
Dr Tetsu Kudoh

  Monday 14th, 2pm, Geoffrey Pope building, Room 213 or visit Peter Chalk Hub




  Geography Dr Angela Gallego-Sala   Geography students: Monday 14th, 4.30-5.30; Non Geography students: Monday 14th 5.30-6.30, both meetings in Amory Building Room B316 a.gallego-sala@exeter.ac.uk
  Psychology Dr Aureliu Lavric     A.Lavric@exeter.ac.uk
  Sport and Health Sciences Dr Brad Metcalf Monday 14th January, 2pm in the Richard's Building, St Luke's Campus   B.Metcalf@exeter.ac.uk
Social Sciences and International Studies Arab and Islamic Studies, Law, Politics, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology Sarah Hector SSIS based students: Monday 14th, 3-5, Building One: Kolade Teaching Room

SSIS based students: Tuesday 15th-Friday 18th, 10-12 and 2-4, Amory Room A18

Non-SSIS students:Wednesday 16th, 2-4.30, XFI Seminar Room A


*Drama students must begin classes one week early, on Monday 7th January

Pre-arrival information

Further details to help you to prepare for your exchange programme at the University at Exeter can be found on the International Student Support pages.  These pages will tell you what you need to do before you arrive and what will happen when you arrive.

Students are expected to arrive at the University in time to undertake orientation and teaching on Monday. If you are staying in university accommodation, you may not be able to move into your accommodation until Sunday.

Please note that the teaching term is scheduled to begin on Monday. Students who have been pre-enrolled onto modules will be able to check your timetable in advance to see if this applies.

Your attendance is compulsory at the orientation sessions. However, activities such as campus tours and study skills sessions will be repeated later in the week so that you can mor eeasily fit this around your teaching timetable. Alternatively, you may wish to consider attending the pre-orientation session on Friday to undertake some of these activities in advance.

Note: students studying Drama modules begin one weeak earlier, on Monday 7 January.

If you plan to arrive to the university after the start of teaching you must gain written permission. Please contact inbound@exeter.ac.uk