The University of Exeter is proud to be a member of BUTEX. Each year BUTEX awards a number of scholarships to students studying abroad for either a semester or for a whole academic year. The value of each scholarship is £500 and will be paid to the winners once they have arrived and registered at their host university.  For further information and to check eligibility, please see the BUTEX website.

Sports Scholarships

Inbound Exchange students are eligible to apply for the University of Exeter Sports Scholarship Scheme - one of the most prestigious in the UK - helping the best student athletes reach their full potential. The scheme provides a comprehensive support package and is tailored to suit the needs of each individual athlete.

The Sports Scholarships are worth up to £2000 and are available to the most outstanding student athletes who show evidence of achievement at national or international level, primarily awarded to those competing in our Focus Sports. Students may also be eligible for a High Performance Bursary worth up to £500. For eligibility and how to apply*see the Sports Scholarships Scheme pages and the High Performance Leaflet.

Exeter's Athletic Union information can be viewed here.

*DO register your interest with the Sports Scholarships Team, even if you have missed the publicised application deadline.