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Study Abroad at the University of Exeter

We are delighted that you are considering the University of Exeter as your Study Abroad destination.  As a Study Abroad student you can choose modules from our entire undergraduate programme (excluding Medicine) from over 30 departments including Archaeology, Business, English Literature, Geography, Politics and Sport Sciences.  Modules are taught by academics who are passionate about their subject and whose research interests have an international reputation.

Exeter's programme offers a high quality education in a safe, supportive and friendly environment with excellent student-run entertainment, student societies and sports clubs.

We are very happy to provide further information or advice and would like to encourage you to explore this website to see if Exeter is the right place for you. 

The application process is the same for Study Abroad and International Exchange students.  If you would like to apply please click HERE 

Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you:

Megan Remillard (Kenyon-Exeter programme 2014/15) shares her experiences of Exeter

I decided to come to Exeter because it has such a well-respected English department - I knew that studying abroad would be an enriching experience where I’d have to learn to operate in a new environment independently.  I really enjoy the level of immersion I’m getting in my studies as I feel like I can really focus on delving deeper into my courses and interests.

My typical day at Exeter would involve going to a seminar and lecture, getting a coffee from Queen’s Café, read/ do work for class, go to the Streatham Campus gym, return home, cook dinner, hang out with my housemates and then go to bed!

At Exeter, I’m continually surprised at how beautiful the countryside is and how much fun can be had tromping around fields and muddy paths.  Also, some of the stereotypes about Americans were hilarious to me!

My advice for students considering Study Abroad is it’s best to keep an open mind. Your time abroad will never be as glamorous as you’d like to think, but it’s probably better for that! I definitely feel more confident in my ability to function in a foreign place.

I guess my biggest tip of all is to not be shy. If you’re only here for a year or a semester, you have to be more forward than you think you should!