Study Abroad student profiles

I chose to study at the University of Exeter because of the affiliation with my university back in the States.  They have been sending groups of students here for over 30 years because of Exeter's high quality of teaching and academic reputation.  I always knew that if I was going to continue studying literature I would want to do it in the UK.  I've particularly benefited from the expertise of the English faculty and the wide array of course options.

By far my most positive academic experiences here have taken place in the seminar settings.  I have found the professors to be incredibly knowlegeable and skilled at fostering class debates.  At such a large university it's been particularly nice feeling like the teachers care about my academic experience on an individual level, which is strengthened by the intimate class dynamics and the availability and encouragement of office hours.

Desides being able to easily journey to the rest of Europe, being in England's South West has provided some excellent travel experiences around England itself: whether just brief jaunts down Exmouth's gorgeous beaches, theatre excursions to Bath and Stratford, weekends in London, or hiking trips along Cornwall's rockly coastline.

Being abroad for the year has been an amazing experience.  Being in Exeter and having the opportunity to travel around England and Europe has been a particular pleasure and learning experience.  Becoming friends and living with other Exeter students has really been a great way for me to get to experience English culture.  It's been great becoming close with such an utterly energetic and sociable group of people.  Going back to the States next year, I'll definitely have benefited from the experiences which Exeter has offered me.

Steven Bertozzi, Kenyon College, USA, studying English