Fees and funding

Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity both academically and personally but it can come at a price - depending on your personal lifestyle and spending habits. All students need to think in advance about their daily financial needs during their time abroad and budget accordingly. You should research some fo the following questions thoroughly before you depart:

  • How will you receive money?
  • Is it possible to have a bank account abroad?
  • Can you use your home-based account overseas?
  • How will you pay bills while you are away?
  • What is your back-up plan?

The researching your placement checklist is a useful tool when thinking about how to budget for your time abroad, we recommend you print a copy and work your way through it when deciding where you want to study abroad.

Study Abroad tuition fees for placements in 2018/19

Placement typeTuition fee
One semester Erasmus study
One semester Erasmus work
One semester International Exchange study
One semester International work
£9,250 to Exeter
One year Erasmus study
One year Erasmus work
One year International study
£1,385 to Exeter
Combined placement: one semester Erasmus study, one semester Erasmus work
Combined placement: two one-semester Erasmus study placements
Combined placement: two one-semester Erasmus work placements
£1,385 to Exeter
One year International work  £1,850 to Exeter
Combined placement: one semester Erasmus work or study, one semester International work or study £1,385 to Exeter

 For all of the above study or work placement combinations you pay tuition fees to Exeter but nothing to your host university or employer.

Student loans

While abroad you may still apply for a tuition fee loan and a maintenance loan, we would encourage you to contact Student Finance to find out what extra funding might be available to you. When completing the necessary documentation for your funding you will need to inform Student Finance that you will be studying abroad in the forthcoming academic year. For more information please contact the Student Funding team at Exeter: SID@exeter.ac.uk.