Erasmus+ Paperwork 2018-19 (Study Placements)

Erasmus+ students (studying and/or working within Europe) are eligible to receive a mobility grant which is allocated to them from money which comes originally from the EU Commission in Brussels and passes through the UK National Agency (the British Council) to individual universities.

The following handbook will take you step-by-step through everything you need to do to receive the Erasmus+ grant please read this document carefully and in full. 

Erasmus+ Paperwork Handbook 2018-19 (Study Placements)
Erasmus+ Learning Agreement 18-19
Erasmus+ Special Needs Support 2018-19
Erasmus+ First Receipt 2018-19Erasmus+ First Receipt 2018-19
Erasmus+ Second Receipt 2018-19Erasmus+ Second Receipt 2018-19