Methods of Payment

There are three different ways to make payment:

Online Store

This is our online payment site. Please follow the link below for either deposit payment or full payment.

Online Store

When making payment, please ensure to include the student name and reference number included on your Offer Letter to allow us to match your payment to your profile.

Please note that the Deposit payment on the Online Store is fixed at £300 while the Fee payment allows you to amend the amount.

If you have already paid your deposit, please ensure you do not pay it a second time within the programme fee.

BACS Transfer

You are able to make a BACS transfer directly to our bank account. This is useful if the Online Store doesn’t accept your card payment for whatever reason or you do not have a suitable card to make the payment.

If you wish to make a BACS payment, please contact and request the BACS transfer information before attempting to do so.

Payment by Cheque

If you are unable to make payment in any other way, the University will accept payment of total programme fees or deposit by cheque.

If you wish to make payment via cheque, please contact for further instructions.