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"The Summer School was a crucible of ideas and experiences from every corner of the world.  I was enriched both academically and by the memories and friendships I made." - Rajneesh Deka, NLSIU, India

International Summer School

Global and Imperial History

Global and Imperial History provides you with a rich introduction to some of the most important developments in the creation of the modern world: the module encourages you to explore global patterns of change, contest, and the movement of ideas, goods and peoples via both original historical sources and the views of historians, and helps you to understand the emergence of modern societies and processes of globalisation by placing it in vital contexts: historical, cultural, and theoretical. Through this approach, you will have the opportunity to study both global developments as a whole, and local events during the last three centuries.

The module aims to encourage students to explore connections between ideas and experiences of colonial and post-colonial political, economic and cultural development and to explore these through detailed consideration of historical sources within taught sessions that benefit from the expertise of scholars from the College’s department of History. Students will consider specific questions about the development of empires, the effects of slavery and forced migration, and the role of religion, and culture in bolstering and questioning imperial development, and the patterns of decolonization and globalization that have occurred since 1945. These will give insights into patterns of historical change, and dramatic illustrations of how the modern global system has emerged.

Dr Justin Jones and Daniel Steinbach are joint Academic Coordinators for the Global History pathway.

Timetable and reading list

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Global and Imperial History timetable

Global and Imperial History reading list

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