International Summer School

International Relations: Security, Conflict, and Peace

The International Relations pathway will provide you with the opportunity to engage with some of the most challenging and pertinent aspects of core theoretical and empirical debates in this discipline.  You will explore evolution of Security, both as a concept and in practice.  You will consider how various schools of thought contribute to understanding and interpreting International Relations.  This exploration will be contextualised in efforts to address causes of recent and ongoing conflicts.  It will address how sustainable peace might be built in regions such as the Balkans and the Middle East.  You will also engage with the latest debates related to correlations between security, on the one hand, and intricacies of strategy; degradation of the environment; uncontrolled migration; lack of development; and health pandemics on the other. Teaching will be delivered by leading experts and it will adopt an interactive format of lectures and seminars.

Dr Afshin Shahi and Dr Klejda Mulaj are joint Academic Coordinators for the International Relations pathway.

Timetable and reading list

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International Relations timetable

International Relations reading list

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"After my experience with the International Summer school, I have been empowered and gained skills that will make me a better player on the international front."- Naa Quaynor-Mettle, Asheshi University, Ghana