International Summer School

The Psychology of Deviance and Crime

This pathway is aimed primarily at those undergraduates and graduates with a keen interest in human behaviour, and especially unusual, deviant and harmful classes of behaviour. Students with a background in psychology, neuroscience, medicine, sociology, criminology and related disciplines will be well prepared for this pathway. It is designed to provide students with an in-depth level of understanding of conceptions and social dynamics related to deviance and normality, cognitive and neurological mechanisms associated with risky and other deviant behaviours, social and biological factors associated with criminality and aspects of the criminal justice system. 

The programme creates a challenge for students academically whilst providing students with the skills to apply theoretical concepts in real-world laboratory and field settings. Key skills are emphasised throughout the programme. This module is designed to increase students’ understanding of issues related to deviance and criminality from a variety of perspectives: social, cognitive, biological and neurological. In this way, the module will support a sophisticated understanding of the complexities surrounding extreme and harmful human behaviour.

Dr Kim Peters and Professor Huw Williams are joint Academic Coordinators for The Psychology of Deviance and Crime pathway.

Timetable and reading list

To view the 2013 timetable and reading list click on the links below:

The Psychology of Deviance and Crime timetable 

The Psychology of Deviance and Crime reading list

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"I loved the course, because it offered me a great chance to exchange ideas with students from all over the world" -Lv Xing, Tsinghua University, China