Selling or recycling your belongings

The Moving On Project - Exeter

The 'Moving On' project is all about getting rid of unwanted items whilst benefitting others who need them. We are looking to save as many of these items from landfill by taking them off your hands and donating them to local charities. The scheme was recognised by the National Recycling Awards as being “A very clever project”.

Every student in University Halls of Residence generates between 10-20 kg of reusable items per year, including stationery, kitchen appliances, books, clothes and bedding. Often these things are thrown away at the end of term, although many are in very good condition.

So, please have a rummage and help us beat last years target of 3.5 tonnes, by donating those unwanted items!

 Selling your belongings

You may want to try to sell any belongings that you do not wish to take home or recycle. Why not put an advert on the Student Noticeboard if you are based in Exeter, or the FXU Marketplace if you are based in Penryn. Just log on with your University of Exeter username and place an advert. Be realistic about the price and the time of year you put your advert on!

You may also find online marketplaces such as Gumtree or Freecycle useful.