Packing, freight and tax free shopping

Tax free shopping

If you live outside of the European Community (EC) but have a visa to remain in the UK as a student, you might be interested in a scheme commonly advertised in the UK shops as 'Tax Free Shopping'. While you are in the UK you will pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on most goods that you buy. The VAT retail Export Scheme allows you to claim a VAT refund on goods that you personally export from the EC.

You must comply with certain conditions in order to qualify for a refund. You will only be able to get a VAT refund on goods that you buy at the end of your period of study (ie. in the last three months) when you intend to leave the UK. You must then remain outside of the UK for a period of at least 12 months.

When you go to buy goods you should take your passport with you to demonstrate to the retailer that you are entitled to buy goods under the scheme. Not all retailers operate the scheme so it is a good idea to check first. If you want to know more contact the Customs' National Advice Service at 0845 010 9000

Packing and freight

How did I get all this luggage?!? You will certainly have more luggage to send back than you brought with you - so here are some shippers that Exeter students have used in the past.

  • CP Shipping have been sending effects for the past 15 years - so they know what they are doing!
  • Tudor International Freight Ltd has a comprehensive service to all parts of the world.
  • Voovit is a shipping company specialising in small boxes and excess baggage.  25% student discount available when you state you are a student.
  • Uni Baggage provides shipping, storage and same day delivery services to students at competitive rates.

Staying in Exeter next year but need somewhere to store your stuff in the meantime?

Rose Removals have been helping University of Exeter students secure storage units for many years. Rent a unit or share with friends for the summer holiday. Telephone 01392 436700

Our Spare Room Student Storage offers students storage at only £1 per week per box. They collect, store during the summer and re-deliver your belongings to your new address. They will also deliver to a different city if you are changing universities. 07826 032914

Student Storage Box provide UK storage and shipping services. Service includes free boxes and packing materials as well as doorstop collection. 


Staying in Cornwall next year but need somewhere to store your stuff in the meantime?

There are plenty of smaller local and national storage companies within the local area that will store your items for a fee.