Returning Home: What Else Do I Need To Think About?

Before you came to the UK, you probably expected that you would need time to get used to the language, the different foods, the weather and new ways of doing things.  Many students are surprised to find that they also need a period of adjustment when they return to their home country.  Although you may think that it will be easy to go back to familiar relationships and patterns of behaviour, you may have some difficulty settling back in and need time to adjust.  This is called reverse culture shock.

How Could Reverse Culture Shock Affect Me?

This can depend on several factors, such as how similar the UK and your home country are; how long it has been since you were last home; and your age.  The feelings and reactions described in the document linked below (click: Returning Home) are experienced by very many students when they return home after studying in another country.

UKCISA Information Sheet: Returning Home