What to do if you lose your passport or visa.

Lost or stolen passports and visas

Don't panic! But these are important documents and the process for replacing them can be time-consuming and expensive although it is straightforward. Don’t worry as the International Student Support Office will help, but if you have lost your passport or BRP card you should first make sure that you have checked all locations it may possibly be.

Check at the information point of any building you may have visited. If you are on campus, check the lost and found box with Estate Patrol (Northcote House) and SID. You should also check with the police station in case it has been handed in there.

If you do not find it you will need the complete the steps detailed in the pages below. Please be aware that replacing passports and visas can take time both in the UK and abroad. If you are not in the UK you may need to stay in the country you are currently in while you replace your documents.

Please carefully read through the information below, then contact the International Student Support Office at the University of Exeter by emailing We will provide you with advice specific to your situation and any additional documents you may require.