Immigration - Tier 4 Super Guide

Question 5: What application form should I fill in?

Applying outside the UK

You will need to complete application forms VAF9 and Appendix 8 both available from the UKVisas website. In some countries, you will complete an online form instead of the VAF9 paper form although the questions are usually similar. You will still need to submit the paper Appendix 8 form at the same time that you submit your documents, even if you have filled in the online form.

If you are bringing dependants to the UK with you, each dependant will need to complete a VAF10 form.

Applying inside the UK

You will need to complete the online Tier 4 (General) Print and Send application, on the UK Border Agency website. To do this you need to follow the guide here: How to extend your tier 4 student visa in the UK. This is a long form so leave some time to complete. Your dependants will need to complete the PBS (Dependant) form, available to download from the UK Border Agency website. Currently, although some forms are completed online with payment made online, all must be printed and posted along with your supporting documents. The International Student Support Office will check your forms and post them on your behalf.

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