Applying from outside the UK

Step 1: How to apply for your visa, Finances, and Documentation

These videos cover students with standard applications applying outside the UK.  However, if you feel your situation is unusual or if you are applying with dependents please read our detailed Questions & Answers page for more information and then contact us for further advice.


Part 1: How to apply for your student visa


Part 2: Finances for Tier 4 applications

From 12 November 2015 students will need to show £1,015 per month towards the Tier 4 visa’s maintenance requirement (living expenses). The Home Office is also removing the ‘established presence’  provision so all students will need to show £1015 per month for the duration of their course or 9 months, whichever is shorter.



Part 3: Documentation required for Tier 4 applications

AMENDMENT minute 6:15

The Tier 4 Policy Guidance and Modernised Guidance has removed reference to 'fixed' or 'frozen' account being unacceptable.  Cash funds in a bank account includes savings accounts and current accounts even when notice must be given.  However, funds must have already been held in the account for 28 days.