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Question 2: Can I bring my family to the UK with me?

You can bring your husband, wife, unmarried partner, and children under 18 to the UK with you if you are studying a postgraduate course of 12 months or more. Your accompanying family members are referred to as your ‘dependants’ and there are special rules for them. 

Unfortunately, if your course is less than 12 months or below postgraduate level, you cannot bring your dependants to the UK with you. There are some exceptions, however, for government-sponsored students.

You cannot bring other family members such as parents or siblings to the UK with you as your dependants, although they can come for short visits on Visitor visas (see Inviting Friends And Family To Visit)


Next, click to download one of the guides below, depending if you are applying inside or outside the UK:

Points Based System (PBS) Dependants Guide INSIDE THE UK

Points Based System (PBS) Dependants Guide OUTSIDE THE UK


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In each of the following sections, where it is appropriate we will give specific information for students with dependants. 

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