Complying with your Tier 4 visa

Complying With Your Tier 4 Visa

We want to ensure that you are able to make the most of your time studying at Exeter without running into any immigration problems.  Please take some time to read the information in these pages so that you are clear about what rules you need to be aware of in order to protect your Tier 4 status.


Tier 4 students studying at degree level are able to work for up to 20 hours per week during their period of study.  Your period of study is defined differently depending on the level of programme that you are studying. 

It is important that you read our information on working during your studies which gives you more information on what kind of work you can do, and when the 20 hour per week limit applies.


It is a condition of your Tier 4 visa that you study full-time at the institution which issued your CAS.  As a Tier 4 Sponsor License Holder, the University is required to report to the Home Office any of the following:

  • Not registering for your course – you must complete the official registration process for each year of your programme.  
  • Non-attendance – the University is required to report to the Home Office any student who is not satisfactorily engaging with their studies.  Further information is available on our Tier 4 attendance page. University regulations require you to attend regularly, complete assignments and attend examinations.
  • Interrupting your studies – further information on how taking an interruption of studies affects your immigration status is available here.

There are also Tier 4 rules around transferring your programme of study.

In the event that the University is required to report any of the above, we will withdraw sponsorship of your Tier 4 visa and your visa will be curtailed.  You will be required to leave the UK within 60 days.  The only exception to this rule is where the University authorises a period of interruption for up to 60 days.

You Must Also Make Sure That:

  • You have a valid visa to study at the University of Exeter.  If you need to extend your visa, the International Student Support Office can help with this.
  • The University has a copy of your passport and most recent visa. You will need to present these when you register, but if you renew either of these documents you must bring and present them into us.
  • You notify the University if you change your address in the UK.  You can update these details in your MyExeter account.
  • You register with the police if you are required to.  This requirement will be indicated on your visa or Biometric Residence Permit.
  • You do not claim ‘public funds’, which are welfare benefits for UK residents such as Child Benefit or Housing Benefit.