All students are required to attend regularly.


University regulations require all students to attend regularly, sit examinations and submit assignments.   The Home Office requires the University to monitor the attendance of all its Tier 4 students and to withdraw immigration sponsorship in any cases where attendance does not meet their prescribed criteria.  For this reason, if you are an undergraduate or Masters student, you may be asked to sign a register in some of your lectures and seminars.   If you are a research student you must complete your monthly MyPGR contacts with your supervisor as proof of your engagement with your studies.

In order to ensure that you protect your Tier 4 status it is essential that you maintain regular attendance, and fulfil the academic requirements of your course.  Failure to do so could result in withdrawal from your programme, and your Tier 4 visa being cancelled.

Of course, there may be occasions where there is a good reason why you have to miss an academic activity (for example, if you are ill).   If you do need to miss a scheduled academic activity, you will find instructions in your student handbook on how you should report this to your College.  The handbook will also provide information on what is viewed as a valid reason for missing a teaching activity.  If your illness persists for more than a few days your College will require you to provide a medical certificate – see your handbook for further details.