What do I do if my Biometric Residence Permit (BRP card) is lost or stolen?

Don’t panic! Make sure you have checked everywhere it could possibly be as well as checking the lost and found box with Estate Patrol if you think it was lost on campus and the local police station. You will need to then do the following:

1. Report the loss or theft to the police online.

2. You must inform the Home Office that your BRP is lost/stolen by using the online service.

If you have lost your BRP in the UK you will need to remain here while seeking advice from us that is appropriate to your situation.

Most students will need to stay in the UK while they submit a BRP (RC) application for a replacement BRP. You need to submit the BRP(RC) application within 3 months of reporting the loss.

You should contact the International Student Support Office at sid@exeter.ac.uk to book an appointment, and follow the instructions in our BRP RC Checklist to prepare your application in advance of the appointment.

It can take a couple of months to replace your visa so you should get advice as soon as possible after losing your BRP.

Please also avoid booking any international travel until you have received your new BRP as we are unable to guarantee UKVI processing times.