Face painting at our Chinese New Year celebrations

Getting involved at the University of Exeter

Studying is just part of your University of Exeter experience. The best way to meet people, get to know your new home area and make new friends is to get involved in activities. Maybe you would like to see what it is like to live with a British family for a weekend? Maybe you would like to volunteer your time? Maybe you want to try a new activity.

Join a student society

Exeter campuses

Our Students' Guild is run by students for students and they look after the 100 clubs and societies at our Exeter campuses. Student societies cover everything from international and Erasmus to rock climbing, choral singing, street dance to chocolate and everything in between! Joining a student society is the easiest way to meet new friends. You can join societies during the Fresher's Squash on Sunday of Welcome Week but don't worry if you missed that - just email the society and find out when the next meeting is. Most societies will charge a small joining fee and then charge for socials after that. You can see a full list here

Penryn Campus

FXU is Falmouth and Exeter Student’s Union on the Penryn Campus and is a membership-led charity; run by students, for students. They are the only Union in the country to represent students from two different universities. Their societies are a great way to meet like minded people, try out new activities as well as gaining useful experience, which looks great on your CV and enhances employability. Many also find it is a great was to combat the stresses and strains studying. You can see a full list here

Staying with a British family (HOST)

HOST visits are a fantastic way of spending a weekend with a British family and experiencing British culture for yourself outside the University. HOST visits are free but you will be required to pay an application fee of £42.30 to HOST

Volunteer your time

Exeter campuses

The University volunteers are coordinated by the Students' Guild Community Action department. There are two volunteering divisions. Joining Citywide means you can gain experiences with charities in the community. Alternatively there are student led projects. One of the student project is called Global Touch. A local school, St James' needs help supporting students with English as a second language. Volunteers provide language and pastoral support in classes for a couple of hours a week for a term. 

For more information on volunteering through Community Action.

Penryn Campus

Give it a Go volunteering provides a range of one off activities for you to try, and find out what you like to do, so come and get involved. If you really like a activity, why not take it on as a long term project! FXU is will support you in setting up a student led volunteering project and it will give you the chance to lead, form a like-minded social group and really invest in a project that you care about.

For more information on volunteering through Give it a Go.

Come to a special event on campus

We host a number of cultural events on campus that are very popular with students and local residents. For a full list see www.exeter.ac.uk/internationalstudents/eventsoncampus/ and https://www.fxu.org.uk/ents/eventlist for events on the Penryn Campus.

Join a community group in Exeter

The Global Centre in Exeter is a regional focal point for individuals, groups and campaigns interested in exploring the links between our lives in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay and those of people and environments throughout the world. They have a lively programme of events and lectures http://www.globalcentredevon.org.uk/