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Applications are now open for the Sustainability Summer Programme! Apply here to join our programme this summer.  

Programme Areas

Subjects covered within the Sustainability Summer Programme include

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Renewable Energy
  • Physics

Partial scholarships are available. Please see our Scholarships area for more information.

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Topics covered in previous years

Topics from our 2021 Sustainability Summer Programme include the following: 

  • Sustainable Design
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Urban Analytics
  • Wind Energy
  • Offshore Energy
  • Energetic of Information
  • Sustainable Mining
  • COEmissions and Building Materials 
  • Flying Cars, Autonomous Mining and Changing the World

Please note that these are examples of topics covered and may change before the final timetable is confirmed.

Sustainability Summer Programme 30 June - 21 July 2022 - 7.5 ECTS

With the world progressing into a deeper climate crisis, the concept of sustainable living is becoming a priority for governments, organisations and even individual households. Many advances towards promoting a sustainable lifestyle and economy have been made but there are still opportunities in areas including materials and designs.

At our 2022 Sustainability Summer School programme, we offer students the chance to join our world class academic colleagues from the College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences to look at the concept of Sustainability and how STEM can help society work towards this goal. Within this accredited course, we will explore different areas of STEM with a view to encouraging and inspiring innovations by bringing people together from all over the world to explore practical solutions.

The programme is split into mini themes that spread across the different areas of STEM covered by our College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Physical Sciences. During the course, you will have the opportunity to explore Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Renewable Energy, and Mining and Geology. By looking at all these different areas, you can see how each is crucial to the goal of sustainability and get a rounded view of STEM in these areas. The second portion of the course is a group project available from one of the specified programme areas above to all you to focus in and really dive deep into a particular area that you are passionate about alongside students with the same motivation from around the world. Through different activity types including plenaries, workshops and seminars students will use the insights into the different areas to then work on projects that could have a real life impact on the concept of sustainability.

Our Summer School also includes an engaging social programme designed to help you meet and connect with new people from all over the world at a time when the world has seemed to have gotten smaller for a lot of us. Within the programme you will have the chance to learn new skills and acquire knowledge to help you meet your future targets, including study skills and postgraduate study guidance and potential scholarships. Our entire academic programme and social programme is geared towards ensuring you can make the most of the opportunity to explore each part of the world from the people around you.

The Sustainability Summer School is an irreplaceable experience with a lively environment. It was interesting to learn new things daily (literally!) because of different lectures per day, and different themes per week. The program was the highlight of my summer. Overall, the summer school aligned with my career interest, motivating me to follow my pursuits in earth systems science. I enjoyed the experience and the only sad part is that it ended. Thank you so, so much for the opportunity to participate in this program! 

Alenn, the Philippines