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With over 200 societies to choose from, covering everything from baking to longboarding, dancing to theatre, there really is something for everyone to try whether you have done it before or not.

FXU oversee more than 125 clubs and societies for you to join, covering surfing, paleontology, cricket, theatre and quidditch, to name a few. See a full list on the FXU website.

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Why choose Exeter?

We have some of the most satisfied students in the UK - their opinions about the quality of their experience here have consistently put us in the top ten in the National Student Survey. Our Student life pages provide lots of relevant information about living and studying at Exeter, but don't just take our word for it - read profiles from current Exeter students below.

My first year has been amazing, and by getting involved I've made loads of friends. A law degree is going to involve hard work no matter where you go, but the best thing you can do is to get involved, be social and have fun. From the student experience to studying and sports, it's a top class university, and we love it.

Johannnes Neumann, LLB European Law (Magister), Streatham Campus

When I first arrived, I had a number of practical things I needed to sort out as an international student, like my bank account, and I got lots of help with that. We have regular meetings with our tutors where we can ask any questions about our programme, and we were also assigned a mentor when we first arrived, who was already a student here, and they helped us find our way around and make the most of all the things that are going on.

Aula Ourtashi, BSc Business, Penryn Campus

Being an Exeter student means that you belong to a community. Although we are quite a large institution, there is a sense of unity amongst Exeter staff and students that my friends at other universities don't seem to have experienced. I feel very privileged to be part of it.

Rebecca Chin, BA English, Penryn Campus

Some of the best memories during my time at the University of Exeter were simply being in the university grounds itself. The hilly terrain, greenery, beautiful lakes as well as the university being slightly ‘away’ from the city makes it a really enjoyable place to study. Making an abundance of friends from all over the world was something I treasure most. Apart from the studying, University of Exeter also offered me the opportunity to indulge in a good social lifestyle.

Amiroel Reza Mohd Yussof, Civil Engineering, Streatham Campus

I’ve always been someone who has lots of ideas and isn’t worried about putting them forward. What’s been fantastic is that the Business School has been very receptive to that – which means that alongside my studies, I’ve been able to get involved in a variety of different projects.

Sam Bedlow, BA Economics and Politics, Streatham Campus

The University of Exeter has an excellent reputation and is highly regarded amongst employers. Between my 2nd and 3rd year the Renewable Energy department helped me to secure a 10 week paid summer internship within the wave energy sector.

As a future engineer, I could not think of anything better than tackling an engineering challenge that has never been conquered. The success of the project I worked on could have huge ramifications for wave energy globally.

Daniel Sinclair, BSc Renewable Energy, Penryn Campus

I knew I wanted to come to a campus university as I liked the idea of everything being on your doorstep. At Exeter you don’t have to walk very far to get to anything and I love the fact that it’s a university town and no day goes past without bumping into at least a dozen people you know.

Tereza Pusca, BA Economics with Industrial Experience, Streatham Campus

Studying at a top world-class university like Exeter, in a great environment like Cornwall, is a brilliant combination. I hope to utilise the scientific knowledge, research skills, leadership capacities and global connections I'm gaining through my Exeter career to the benefit of research, education and social entrepreneurship in Ghana.

Gameli Adzaho, MSc Environment and Human Health, Penryn Campus

It’s so difficult to single out a particular element which I enjoy most about the Penryn Campus. It’s very social; you don’t feel like another student, but a member of a family within a close-knit community. I have really enjoyed meeting a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds, and the small class sizes on my programme allow you to make some very close friends. 

Daniel Venton, BA Geography, Penryn Campus

It was part-way through my application process to the University of Exeter Business School that I found out I’d be studying business at Penryn in Cornwall. But it was only once I’d arrived and found my bearings that I realised the number of advantages it offers as a place to study business.

Emily Ford, BSc Business, Penryn Campus

Study Abroad is such a good experience to make you more independent and confident in yourself and your language. I would definitely recommend it, it has made me a stronger person and my language is so much better than if I had stayed to study in the UK.

Chloe Carter, BA Modern Languages (French and Italian), Streatham Campus

It’s a smaller programme and campus than ones at other universities, but for me that has many distinct advantages. We get much more focused attention on our course and many opportunities that wouldn’t be available at a bigger campus. 

Nadja Kaukiainen, BSc Business, Penryn Campus