Teams is being rolled out across the University, use these pages to find out more and get support

This guide is for staff, if you are a student using Teams, visit: Teams for Students.

Microsoft Teams is our University-wide supported collaboration tool and the one that we will all have in common. Teams enables flexible working and collaboration no matter where you are so long as you have an internet connection. Within Team you can meet on video, chat,  talk, collaborate, share documents online and more. It is fully integrated with Office365 bringing your OneNote, SharePoint and Outlook together.

Download Teams for desktop or if you are using your own machine, access Teams web version. You will need to sign in using your University of Exeter logins.

Quick Start Guide to Teams

Follow this guide to quickly get started with Teams: ‌Quick Start Guide to Teams

Quick start guide to teams screenshot‌‌

Detailed User Guides for Teams

OneDrive and Teams 
This download will provide guidance on how to access, upload & share your documents from One Drive from within the Microsoft Teams Client & Browser.

How to Request a New Team
In order to be provided with a Team you must first complete the SharePoint Owner training.

Turning a SharePoint Group Site into a Teams Site
Guide for using SharePoint and Teams together.

Using the Planner Application in Teams
Using Teams and the planner Application together.

Changing your Teams & Office Theme, Layout & Scale
This FAQ provides directions on how to change the theme and layout of your Teams Client, Office 365 setup and desktop. These settings affect accessibility for those with visual impairments.

Teams Conference Calls
This guide will show you how create, open and manage Conference Calls from the Teams Clients Calendar

Conference Call Participants 
This guide will show you how create, open and manage Conference Calls from the Teams Clients Calendar Interface (Mute people, add people, blur your background etc).

Adding Documents, Presenting, Sharing & Mentions
This provides guidance on your ability to upload & present documents in a Teams Conference Call. Additionally providing information on how to use the "@" function to highlight discussions to individual invitees in the call.

Microsoft Teams for Mac Users
Guidance on Teams for Mac / Apple computer users.

Guidance on what to do if your computer is running slowly as a result of Teams.

Creating a Teams Join Code And How to Join Using A Code
A guide to Teams Access Code & Giving Students access to your Team for Seminars & Workshops.

Inviting a Guest User to Your Team
Guide to inviting someone to your Team (group of people) not already in it.

How to invite non-University of Exeter users to a Teams
Guide to inviting someone to a Teams meeting from outside of the University of Exeter.

Creating a Re-occurring Seminar with your Students
Guide for academics to setup a regular Teams meeting.

Creating 'Breakout Rooms' using Teams' Channels
This guide will show you how to create a Breakout Room in Teams using the current available functions.


Open the Microsoft Teams app and select Calendar from the left hand rail.  In the top right hand corner click on the + New meeting button to create a meeting.

Planner is a task management Office 365 app for your team.  This will allow your team to plan and track the progress of your teams work and projects.  Further information and training can be found at

Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business, it gives you greater functionality bringing chat, meetings, collaboration and file storage into one app.  Skype for Business is being retired by Microsoft on 31st July 2021.

A team is a group of people who either work together in a team, a project, or a common interest.  The team is then made up of channels, each channel could be for a different topic, in the channels you can hold meetings, have conversations and work on files together.

Yes. Please use Teams for 1:1 chats, seminars and group chats. Take a look at the guidance here for more information:

Ensure that the Teams Desktop Client is installed, Close Outlook and then reload it. The Teams icon should now appear.

Open the Teams Web App, Select your Profile Icon in the Top right of the Screen. The drop down should contain: “Download the Teams Desktop App”

Select this, it will install and open the Teams Client.

Complete the training (within 30 days) and forms on this page: Request a new site.

Follow this guide for more information: Request a new Team

No, you don’t need a VPN for Teams. Please only use the VPN if you are accessing these services:
• Trent
• U Drive / N Drive*
• Soft Telephone Client

*Please use the VPN as little as possible to allow others access. Where possible move to using Office365 applications like OneDrive to store your documents or access U Drive / N Drive via:
For more information visit the Staff Homeworking Page.

Do not use VPN for SITS: Exeter IT are working on a solution on how SITs access can be granted from home as it is not currently supported via the VPN.

To check what version of Windows you’re running, please do the following:

Windows 10

  1. Select the Start  button
  2. Then, select Settings
  3. Select System  and then click About

On the right under Device Specifications, look for System type and check what the operating system version is:

32bit or 64bit?

Windows 7

  1. Select the Start button
  2. Right-click Computer and select Properties
  3. Under System, look for the information on system type

No, you can chat and arrange audio/video calls online without needed a team set up.
You can follow some instructions on how to do this here: Creating a group chat for small groups

Teams groups are useful for project teams or professional groups to create a more permanent space to work together, discuss and collaborate, structured around themes or topics.

No, not necessarily It depends on your needs....Not sure?...Speak to TEL:

Yes, you may be able to claim this as an expense. Please read this guide and discuss with your line manager before purchasing: Home working equipment

  • Microsoft Teams - Intuitive, easy to use software enabling teaching from 1:1 tuition up to seminars of 50 people. You can communicate using video, audio, and text, and you can work collaboratively on documents plus much more.
  • ELE’s integrated tools enable students to access course materials and interact online. It is our primary learning portal, where you can access module groups and information. More information:
  • Recap (Panopto) is excellent for recording lectures for viewing at any time. It allows you to create, record and webcast complex teaching content which can be linked to from ELE. More information:
To change the order of the tabs, click and drag the tab to the desired location.  Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to move the Posts, Files and Notebook tabs.

Watch videos on how to use Teams and associated applications

To access Stream, simply login using your University email address.