Working Papers

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Bateman I, Wheeler B (2018) Bringing health and the environment into decision making: A natural capital framework

Working Paper 01/2018


Faccioli M, Czajkowski M, Glenk K, Martin-Ortega J (2018) Environmental attitudes and place identity as simultaneous determinants of preferences for environmental goods 

Working Paper 02/2018


Bateman I, Balmford B (2018) Public Funding for Public Goods: A Post-Brexit Perspective on Principles for Agricultural Policy                   

Working Paper 03/2018


Davis K, Binner A, Bell A, Day B, Poate T, Rees S, Smith G, Wilson K, Bateman I (2018) A Generalizable Integrated Natural Capital Methodology for Targeting Investment in Coastal Defence       

Working Paper 04/2018


Bateman I, Binner A, Day B, Fezzi C, Rusby A, Smith G, Welters R (2018) A natural capital approach to integrating science, economics and policy within decision making: Public and private sector payments for ecosystem services

Working Paper 05/2018


Bateman I (2018) Net environmental gain: A note on principles and practical challenges

Working Paper 06/2018


Balmford B, Bateman I, Bolt K, Day B, Ferrini S (2018) The Value of Statistical Life for Adults and Children: Empirical and Methodological Investigations

Working Paper 07/2018