Outdoor Recreation Valuation tool (ORVal)

The Outdoor Recreation Valuation tool (ORVal) is a web application developed by the LEEP Institute with funding support provided by DEFRA. The ORVal tool can be accessed at: http://leep.exeter.ac.uk/orval.

ORVal can be used to estimate the levels of visitation to existing or newly created greenspaces and to derive monetary measures of the value households attach to the recreational opportunities provided by those sites.

The primary purpose is to provide information that might be useful to government, businesses and communities in understanding the benefits that are derived from accessible greenspace in England and Wales, for example, as part of strategic or project appraisal, policy evaluation or natural capital accounting.

ORVal recently featured in the Government's 25 Year Environment Plan where the government commit to:
"Continuing our ground-breaking work with Exeter University to update the world-leading Outdoor Recreation Valuation Tool (ORVal) in 2018."

A new version (ORVal 2.0) will be available from March 2018.

(LEEP Team working on ORVal: Prof Brett Day and Dr Greg Smith)