About us

An integrated team of scientists with complementary expertise, creating a dynamic and inspiring hub for disease-related research

Bringing together leading mathematicians, physicists, cell and molecular biologists, biomedical scientists and engineers.

Applying investigative techniques from engineering and physics to make biology a predictive as well as an observational science.

Moving beyond the present frontiers of biology to accurate, predictive control engineering of whole living systems.

The state-of-the-art Living Systems Building will house world-class facilities and bring together around 200 cell and molecular biologists, mathematicians, physicists, biomedical scientists and engineers. This will foster innovative, interdisciplinary research practices, and form an integrated team of scientists with complementary expertise investigating the fundamental cellular processes underlying human, animal and plant disease; translating this knowledge of ‘living systems’ into wider diagnostic and treatment applications.

The Living Systems Institute will be tightly embedded in a scientific environment that is application oriented, and imbued with a sense of responsibility to translate scientific discovery into social and economic applications. It will develop novel disease treatments and additionally inform policy makers.