The LSI building

A brand-new, world-class building with over 7,500m2 of flexible space, opening Autumn 2016.

The new, seven-storey, 7,500m2 LSI building has been designed to embed inter-disciplinary research practice and will house 29 research groups, of more than 200 researchers, with complementary expertise in biosciences, medicine, physics, engineering, mathematics and computer science.

High-quality research laboratories, bio-imaging facilities, physics and engineering spaces, and high-performance computing will enable the Institute to be a hub for the analysis of the precise operation of living systems.

The new building comprises:

  • Flexible laboratory spaces, over five floors, where cell and molecular biology research, a core activity of the Institute, will be carried out.
  • Specialist technical facilities to visualise and manipulate living cells and to computationally analyse large data sets generated by genome sequencing, transcriptional profiling, proteomics and high-throughput cell biological screens.
  • A Biological Services Unit  providing state-of-the-art approved facilities for disease-related research.
  • Three instrument rooms and one large equipment room per floor.
  • Physical connections to both the biosciences and physics buildings, and close proximity to the mathematics and engineering buildings, enabling easy access for researchers in diverse disciplines to interact with one another.
  • Staff and research offices, meeting rooms and a 90-seat seminar room to disseminate discoveries.
  • Informal working environments to maximise opportunities for collaboration.

Fly through of the building

See what the finished building will look like.