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ICTALS 2019 is partnering with charities Epilepsy Research UKEpilepsy Action and Alliance for Epilepsy Research to bring together people with lived experience of epilepsy and scientists. The first day of the conference will be an educational day in which introductory talks will be given to build a bridge between the scientific community and the public. In particular, there will be tutorials on the clinical pathways to treat epilepsy as well as on fundamental research in epilepsy. Furthermore, people with lived experience of epilepsy will share their testimonies. 

The following days of the conference will showcase the current scientific progress and challenges in epilepsy. To aid in making the science accessible to the general public, there will be a buddy system, where appointed researchers from the University of Exeter will be accompanying the public to answer any questions that may arise. Plenary talks will be followed by breakout discussions to enable Question & Answer sessions between speakers and the public. In parallel, Epilepsy Action will have a coffee and chat space where everyone will be welcome to talk and rest away from the main sessions of the conference. Epilepsy Action will also have local group members present throughout the conference to inform people with lived experience of epilepsy and carers about the support offered by the charity, namely helpline, support groups, and much more.

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