We are delighted to announce the following speakers will participate at the Living Systems Institute Opening Symposium. Speakers are listed alphabetically below; to view the full programme please click here.

Nobel laureate keynote speakers:

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Sir Paul Nurse FRS,
Director and Chief Executive of the Francis Crick Institute, London
Controlling the Cell Cycle
Professor Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard ForMemRS,
ForMemRS, Director Emeritus, Max Planck Institute of Developmental Biology, Tübingen
How fish colour their skin: A paradigm for development and evolution of adult patterns

Guest speakers:

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Professor Mark Ellisman,
Director of the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research and the Ctr for Res on Biological Systems, UC San Diego
Toward making the invisible and complicated understandable: Microscopy across scales and modalities in brain research
Professor Dame Amanda Fisher FRS, 
Director of the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London
Visualising epigenetic changes during development
Professor Maria Leptin,
Director of EMBO, Heidelberg
Cell shape and morphogenesis: sub cellular and supracellular mechanisms
Professor Jeremy Nicholson,
Director of the National Phenome Centre, Imperial College London

Molecular Phenotyping and Systems Medicine Approaches in Personal and Public Healthcare

Associate Professor Enrico Petretto,
Centre for Computational Biology, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore
Systems-Genetics to complex disease and drug target identification
Professor Lalita Ramakrishnan,
Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow, MRC LMB, Cambridge
A zebrafish guide to tuberculosis treatment

Local speakers:

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Dr Vicki Gold,
Senior Lecturer in Biosciences
Electron cryomicroscopy at the LSI – protein transport and assembly machines
Professor Philip Ingham FRS,
Director of the Living Systems Institute
Living Systems Institute Symposium closing address
Professor Gáspár Jékely,
Professor of Neuroscience
Combining the connectomics and neuromodulation perspectives in the study of Platynereis larvae
Professor Nicholas J Talbot FRS,
Professor of Molecular Genetics and Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Impact
Introduction to the Living Systems Institute and history of its development
Professor John Terry,
Professor of Biomedical Modelling
Brain Networks in Epilepsy: From models to man
Professor Frank Vollmer,
Professor of Biophysics
Exploring the nanoscale dynamics of single proteins
Dr Kirsty Wan,
Research Fellow in Mathematics
The gait-keeper of microswimming by flagella
Associate Professor Steven West,
Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
The mechanism of transcriptional termination: then and now

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