Collaboration across the University of Exeter

The LSI will be a hub for interdisciplinary research and a centre for collaborations extending across all parts of the University of Exeter. 

To this end, all LSI faculty have a primary appointment in one of the three STEMM Colleges. The vision for the LSI is to have porous walls, with research facilities open to all who would like to use them. Collaboration will be at the heart of the LSI and cross-disciplinary research will be fostered and celebrated through regular seminars and an annual LSI Research Symposium.

A number of current University faculty with research interests related to the LSI mission have provided outstanding support to the building design and operating procedures, as well as the development of the research strategy.

The LSI Director has worked closely with STEMM college PVCs, relevant Heads of Discipline and individuals to agree those who will relocate their research groups into the LSI Building. Research fit and interest in collaborative, interdisciplinary working have been the key considerations.

We are very pleased to welcome a number of University colleagues.




Others may follow as plans develop.

Find out more about what it will mean to be based in the LSI (.pdf).

Read more about the process followed for colleagues moving into the LSI (.pdf).

HASS collaboration

HASS involvement is welcome and important if LSI research is to have successful real-world impact. HASS strategy leaders met the LSI Director in early March 2016 to discuss initial ideas for collaboration and agreed a variety of measures including: space in LSI for HASS academics to use on a ‘visiting’ basis; and regular LSI/HASS seminars. HASS disciplines can consider LSI related research as part of their strategies.