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The Living Systems Institute (LSI) is a major new initiative by the University of Exeter designed to promote interdisciplinary research that transcends the boundaries of mathematics, engineering and the biological, medical and physical sciences. Its mission is to analyse living cells and organisms as integrated systems, with the aim of unravelling how diseases disrupt biological processes at the molecular, cellular and organismal level.

We currently don't have any vacancies.

As Chair of the Living Systems Executive Board I am pleased to continue to support and champion the work being carried out at the University in relation to the Athena SWAN Charter. At Exeter we wish to put in place a culture and environment which supports women to reach their full potential. I am very concerned about ensuring there are equal opportunities for women to advance their scientific careers.

Professor N J Talbot FRS BSc PhD (UEA), Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Impact)

Q & A with Professor Philip Ingham

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The University of Exeter is a proud member of the Athena SWAN Charter.