Joanne Woodford

The Think-Tank seminar series

CEDArS: Development and feasibility of a CBT self-help programme for carers of stroke survivors


Joanne Woodford, University of Exeter

Date and time

12:00 - 13:00, 19 April 2013


One-in-three informal carers of people with stroke experience emotional difficulties such as depression. However, there are currently no psychological treatments specifically for this group. Informed by the MRC framework for developing complex interventions (Craig et al. 2008) this presentation will present studies concerning the development of a CBT self-help programme for informal carers of stroke survivors experiencing depression. First, to inform intervention development, results from two qualitative studies that seek to gain an understanding of difficulties faced by stroke survivors and identify positive coping strategies utilised by non-depressed carers will be discussed. Second, on-going research to adapt currently available CBT self-help approaches and therapist training programme, informed by Study 1 and 2 and a systematic review and meta-analysis will be presented. Finally, the protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial (RCT) comparing the newly developed guided CBT self-help programme with treatment-as-usual assessing the feasibility of a number of procedural and methodological factors associated with the delivery of a high quality RCT and acceptability of the new intervention will be outlined. This new CBT self-help approach may provide a cost-effective treatment that would help increase access to an evidence based treatment specifically for carers of stroke survivors experiencing depression.