Research Exchange on Depression (RED)


Lived Experience Group, Mood Disorders Centre, University of Exeter

Date and time

12:00 -13:00, 21 June 2013


On 12th October 2013 the Lived Experience Group will be hosting an Open Day at the Mood Disorders Centre.  One of the key aims of the day is to inform the general public about what research into depression is all about - what is being researched, how it's done, what is being shown to be effective and what is less beneficial.

In the run up to this we are keen to hear from researchers about their completed, current and planned projects, with a view to showcasing some of these at the Open Day.  We would like the Open Day to be as interactive as possible so we would particularly like your help with coming up with some creative/interactive ways of sharing your research with lay people – which, as far as possible, avoids formal power point presentations!  Please come along, ready to brainstorm and share your ideas with members of the Lived Experience Group. If you have any materials you might like to show at the Open Day bring those along too.

If you have any questions about involving members of the Lived Experience Group in your own research or are interested to hear about our experience of participating in research projects please ask – you will have a captive audience.

This will be a truly interactive Think Tank.