The Think-Tank seminar series

Further down the Yellow Brick Road


The Lived Experience Group, Exeter

Date and time

12:00 - 1:00pm, 16 November 2012


Jo and Steph (Co-Chairs of the Lived Experience Group) will be giving an update on the journey along the Yellow Brick Road, following on from their last excursion on a Think Tank.  The journey will take you through our experiences of holding seminars and workshops both for students at the MDC and other departments in the University, touching on what they learned from us and what we learned from them.  You can also expect to have a preview of some workshops which have been arranged for members of the LEG.  These workshops will equip them to formulate potential research questions on subjects which are important to them - the people with first-hand experience of living with depression or bipolar disorder.  We will then tell you how we think this can benefit the students and staff of the MDC and we invite your ideas and comments.  We are looking forward to an interesting and lively Think Tank, taking LEG on the next stage of our journey!