World Music Choir
World Music Choir

World Music Choir

We are a very friendly, secular choir with no auditions. We welcome anyone who has a passion to sing with us - whether untrained singers or music scholars! Our singing style is folk (of the people) rather than classical and varies hugely from song to song - whether it's a mountain holler or a gentle Namibian lullaby.  Our repertoire has included songs from Eastern Europe, the Far East, Africa, North and South America, Australia... Recently we've performed some Gaelic 'mouth music', a Mexican love song, a South African wedding song, a First Nation (Native American) lullaby and a Japanese pop song from the 1960s.

Our choir director, Alise Ojay, is a fun and inspirational teacher who has also run the Crediton World Music Choir for many years. We rehearse every Thursday, 4.30-6pm, in Cornwall House and we are often invited to perform at various campus events and workshops. Previous performances have included The Paddon Awards, Stand Up! Against Poverty, Christmas Without Cruelty Fair and, of course, our own annual candle-lit Winter Concert.

To join, contact:

Rebecca Cave


World Music Choir Committee 2014/15  

President  Rebecca Cave  
Vice-President Helen Anderson  
Publicity Officer Charlotte Robinson  
Treasurer Isobel Eddyshaw  
Social Secretaries Siobhan Kelley