Get involved and expand your horizons!

Music stimulates the mind, body and spirit as almost no other activity can. It is accessible and beneficial to everybody, and there are a variety of ways of getting involved during your time at Exeter, be this participating in a lunchtime African drumming session for physical stress relief, or attending the weekly evensong for 45 minutes of calm and tranquillity. You can also join one of the many ensembles, which cater for everyone from absolute beginners to seasoned performers, attend a lecture or seminar for intellectual stimulation, or simply come along to a concert as a much-appreciated audience member!

If you're keen to get involved, see:

  • Joining an ensemble, for a list of ensembles on campus and how to join them;
  • Lectures and workshops for details of the programme;
  • Music and your CV, for ideas and opportunities for enhancing your CV.

Information on forthcoming events can be found in the What's On section of the site.