Artist: Russell Frampton

University exhibits new perspectives on landscapes

Connecting with the landscape of Brittany and Devon are key aspects of Russell Frampton’s paintings which are currently being exhibited at the University of Exeter.

The exhibition ‘Substrata’ is in the Northcote House Gallery which is open on weekdays to members of the public until 10 December.

Painting for Frampton takes place in his studio in Mid Devon or coastal West Brittany.  He said, ‘They reflect the duality of the maritime and the moorland. The paintings rarely, if ever, refer to actual viewpoints or vistas, places are not represented but evoked.’

Paintings for Frampton are one aspect of his work. He is an associate lecturer in digital performance at the University of Plymouth and an active digital film maker as well as producing multi media installations and music productions. This exhibition represents how his work has developed through an engagement with cross disciplinary forms. He added, ‘It produces vital, inter-referential in a media that is both ancient in its history and evolution and adaptable enough to still have relevance today.’

Gina Cox, University of Exeter Curator said “The University is very pleased to exhibit the work of accomplished local painter Russell Frampton. Our philosophy remains to promote arts and culture in the region and to add where possible to our fine art collection for the benefit of students, staff, alumni and visitors to our three campuses”.

Date: 17 November 2009

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