All change for the Stocker Road entrance

All change for Stocker Road entrance to Streatham Campus

The Stocker Road entrance to the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus will undergo remodelling works from 21 July to 19 September 2014.  Vehicles won’t be able to access the campus via the Stocker Road junction from Prince of Wales Road.  Instead, all vehicles will come in at the Streatham Drive entrance and drive around a one-way system - see map indicating yellow one way system. 

Plans for the entrance have been developed with University colleagues over the last 18 months and aim to enhance the visual appearance, improve traffic flows and create a safer main entrance to the campus. The existing space will be de-cluttered, and new soft landscaping and street lighting will be created to replicate and extend the Forum street scene to this main University arrival point. Traffic flows will be improved by removing the current junctions and by providing a new mini roundabout. The entrance will be made safer by widening the existing footpaths and creating a shared area which encourages priority of foot traffic and cyclists.

Pedestrian access to the campus will be unaffected during this period. Footpath routes will be available but will vary to suit the construction phases.

Cyclists wishing to enter the campus at the Stocker Road junction will be required to dismount before continuing with their journey up Stocker Road or Rennes Drive. Cyclists can exit via Rennes Drive, while those travelling down Stocker Road and exiting Streatham Farm and the Library will have to brake to a slow speed and dismount, on occasion, before traversing the construction zone. Signage and barriers will be provided instructing cyclists to dismount where necessary.

Exit lanes for vehicles from Rennes Drive, Library, Streatham Farm and occasionally the upper part of Stocker Road will be available. The route will vary with the construction phases and there will be temporary signage, transitions and road surfaces.  At times there will be restrictions on vehicles and diversions; we apologise for any inconvenience and are grateful for road users’ cooperation. 

Mark John, Senior Building Surveyor for Estates Development Services, says: “This is an exciting project but we know it will cause some inconvenience.  Our priority is keeping people safe, so we ask that people are careful coming through the area, as routes will vary over the 8 weeks.  We are asking all users to comply with the barriers and safety signage that will be installed for the construction period.  Once complete, the entrance will provide a fitting welcome to our Streatham Campus and improve vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian flow at the busy junction.” 

The two-way section of Rennes Drive will be unchanged so, for example, if a vehicle is at the Business School it could still drive up to the Innovation Centre or Car Parks A and B.  To get to the Business School it would be necessary to enter at Streatham Drive and follow the one way system.    

A detailed map of the one-way system is available on our Visiting us web pages. For further information, please contact Mark John.

Date: 18 July 2014

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